Winter Weaving Hideout

This is where I spend my time in the winter.  My little loom room (once an office) is a perfect place to stay warm and busy weaving.  It is not a big place, but enough room for my Mighty Wolf, winding/warping station, stash cubbies and a computer desk.  It is right next to the propane stove, so things can get quite toasty in here.  

This loom is a close as I will get to a computer loom for a while, hence the Apple logo on it. It looks like my stash cubbies need some more yarn to fill them up.  That will be fun gathering more yarn.

During the summer, I have another weaving "studio" room which has more yarn stashed and a couple of more looms.  Both rooms have plenty of space for my "loom dogs" who keep me company while weaving.  They love being next to me no matter what I am doing.  Sydney, Jack Dog and Rocky.....crazy, happy dogs!  I call them The 3 Amigos :-)


  1. Lovely space and what fun company your 3 amigos must provide..

  2. I just found your blog and started reading some old posts. There you talked about wanting a studio, here you talk about working in your studio. Fantastic how fast your weaving grew.

  3. Thanks Deanna, life moves fast and I have found my passion. So a studio was a high priority. Now if I could only retire......then things would really take off.


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