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WOW! ...... Alpaca WOW !!!

This is my best yet.  This is made of Alpaca rug yarn that I picked up at local fiber festival this fall.  I fell in love with the rugs that were on display, but wanted to make my own.  They sold just the Alpaca yarn for those of us who wanted to make our own.  This was worth it !!

The size is 24" x 48".   It is super soft and very thick.  Perfect to warm the toes in the winter.

Rugs Continued....

This exercise in rugs has been nothing but fun !!!   I started with wool selveldges on a couple of small rugs on one of my previous posts.  Then decided I had so much fun, I would make a "big rug".  It is more like a runner but is perfect for the living room.  

Then a smaller piece, which will be for my loom bench at the studio.  

Now on to the next rug !!!

Not Too Crazy This Time ~

My latest weaving adventure has not been very successful.  I was trying some waffle weave towels (love the waffle weave results) but the colors just are not grabbing me like other projects.  But determined to continue on and not waste the warp, they are almost done.  I am not a fan of pastel and trying to liven it up a bit with yellow and white stripes with the variegated pastels is not working for me.  Maybe they will look better off the loom.  Let's hope so.

The towels are finally done, but not what I expected.  The colors really changed when I washed them and they got really soft.  Still the overall look does not impress me.  But they are still good dish towels.

Rugs ~

Another distraction, but a good one.  I was all set to do some Doubleweave and these selvages just jumped onto my loom.  They are Pendleton Wool selvages and they make wonderful rugs. This was my first project ever doing rugs and I had fun.  It was nice to not have to concentrate to hard on the treadling and on top of that it went quick.

The southwestern colors make for a beautiful rug.

Here is the hem, plain weave turned under.

This view gives it some dimension.

On to the next bunch,  this is fun !!!

Blue Ribbon Surprise !

My lesson in color taught me another lesson...mistakes can sometimes be a good thing.  The yellow that I chose to make the second set of star towels at first didn't look like it was going to be the right color for this project.  As it turns out the yellow was perfect !  The towels together make for a cheerful display in the kitchen.

Summer is a time for county fairs and to support our local textile display I was convinced by a wonderful, very experienced young (92 years) weaver to enter a couple weaving projects.  So I did.  Little did I know that it would garner me my first blue ribbon ever!     Needless to say I was shocked and it took a little convincing that it really happened.  I have only been at this about a year and a couple months, so there is a lot I have to learn.  This lesson in color that I thought was a failure turned out to be a wonderful success not only in my kitchen but the judge thought so too!  Yippee !

My list keep growing of projects that catch my eye.  Curr…

Lesson in Color ~

OK, so the learning curve is starting to show.  I have a lot to learn about color.  Earlier I had made some blue "star towels".  They turned out very nice and I thought that some yellow towels would be fun to go with them.  I am not as impressed but will keep them going.  The yellow and white bleed into each other so the stars are not as prominent.  Still they must be finished and a color lesson learned.

Home Improvement Interruption !

One more interruption, but a good one.  The kitchen has a new floor with some furry yellow decorations.  It used to be a linoleum that was a dark green tile look and was looking dated.  This new dark distressed walnut look is a lot better.

Flowers from my dear friends Margaret & Tom, complete the fresh look for the dining area.

The new doggie treat jar fits in just perfectly.  This was a "covert" gift from my artist friends who planned, sneaked and made the treat jar to match the kitchen.  Good job girls !!
The yellow furry decorations are already testing out the new floor - 

Now back to the loom !!!

Pretty in Pink ~ Mum's Garden

Just thought some flower postings would be pretty.  This is a walkway that goes up to our new Pergola on the deck.  It smells wonderful!

Seeing Stars !!!

Since my construction endeavor, I have gotten back to weaving.  One of the first handwoven towels I had seen was a Star Towel.  I was in love with the pattern the moment I saw it.  It was just a matter of time before I would try it. I did and I have ordered more yarn to make more.  They are made of cottolin (50/50 cotton-linen) and worked up very well.  They are soft and absorbent.  Five towels in all were made in this round, can't wait for the next color!

Change of Pace ~

One more view, just for fun !

Adding shade cloth over the top will keep things cool.

Now that it is stained and sealed....ready for some mornings with my coffee.

Weekend project - not weaving for once !

Season for the next couple of weeks, then can stain and seal.
The Wisteria will have a new home to climb !!

Bamboo ?!?

Final Result...

This one is a hard one to display, so it looks good.  It is very soft and drapes very well.  Bamboo was a very good fiber for this summer scarf.

My latest endeavor is a lace weave scarf that is made from Bamboo.  This is a wonderful, soft and easy to work with yarn.  I have put enough warp on for two scarfs and hope that they are good enough to give one away as a gift.

So, I am off to a good start !

Final Product -

Here is the result of the 6 towels that I had alot of fun making.  The pattern turned out beautiful, and yet was so simple to weave.

Color Palette 

Another view

Now on to another project, but the next set of towels will be the same pattern but a new palette.  Here is a start of the colors.

Spring is here today, so not much weaving will get done.  My flower beds are calling me.

Last Towel ~ With a Little Help

The last towel is in process.  It is called "Tobacco Brown" but when you put it with the white warp it looks more of a gold color.  I think I will have enough to do the full 40" for the towel and if not it will be a slightly smaller towel.  The lighting is a bit off on this one.

My little helper ~  

More of a true color....

Now on to the finish !!

Basic Black ~

The last an final towel is just "Basic Black".  Thought it would still fit in with the other colors, because black goes with everything.  Loving the results of just black and white!!

It can be a bit dizzy !