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Wool Rugs ~

The Saddle Blanket turned out very soft, bright colors and it will never see the back of a horse.  The wall is it's destined spot for now.   Another project that the dogs would love to turn into dog blanket.

Wool rugs are on my bucket list of projects to do.  Having done rugs before, but all were warp faced.  These will be weft faced and what I call a "slow weave".   Lots of wool and not enough time, but I am working through it as I can.

Navajo rug design in saddle blanket - Macomber Loom Collingwood Rug Wool

Krokbradg - Norwegian rug design - Glimakra Loom
Halcyon Rug Wool

I am weaving these rugs in parallel, just to see the difference in structure and level of complexity.  Both are keeping me on my toes and I am loving the results so far.