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Doubleweave Wall Hanging

A lesson in Doubleweave (my first) was taken from Handwoven as a nice small project, to get the idea behind Doubleweave and also how pickup fits into the picture.  I apologize for the colors, I just used scrap yarn to try to get as close as I could to the Handwoven project colors.  

The reverse side in progress.

Finally done!

Cherry Season !

The cherries are in season now. This is my second round on one tree. Probably will pick another round tomorrow night. These are Stella cherries and come on a little bit earlier than the Bings. They are wonderful for snacks.

Breakfast Snack ~

There are a group of deer that hang out on the property on a regular basis.  They are quite at home and don't seem to be in any hurry to leave.  This morning as I was out on the deck admiring the beautiful weather, when they decided to come in for a morning snack. There is a dwarf peach tree that they all seem to like.  They hung around until I walked over to them and made them leave. Otherwise, I wouldn't have a flowerbed left.

the ringleader
2nd in command

the gang is all here!
you talkin' to me?

Organic Cotton Scarf

A weaver friend gave me some organic cotton yarn as a gift, with the intention of working up a scarf from the latest Handwoven.  The scarf is a pattern by Suzie Liles from Eugene, Oregon (my home town).  The scarf is very soft and was a quick project to do before summer and life got in the way.  Can't wait to wear it this winter.