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Winter Scarf

This week I have been working on getting my loom dressed with the warp for a winter scarf.  The warp is Silk Noir and the weft is Alpaca/silk.  Having never worked with Silk before for the warp, I found out very quickly that it is not as strong as the 8/2 cotton I worked with on the towels.  Only 2 broken warp threads so far and that happened when I was dressing the loom.  The scarf will have a 6 inch fringe on each end and the scarf itself is 7 1/2 inches wide.  The pattern calls for a total woven length of 72 inches.  It will be a while before this is finished.

As you can see,  12 inches so far...lots to go !

Fringe at the beginning with cardboard insert.

Towels are Done !

The towels are finally done.  What an experience!  The total were 3 towels, 1 small placemat, 2 samples for my sample binder.  The first two towels were using just the variegated weft, then I got bored with the one pattern that I added a solid Egg Plant purple in the weft at each end of the towel.  This allowed for a balanced look with a horizontal stripe for some color.

This was a quick post and will add more detail this weekend.

Making Progress - and then some !

Now the count is up to 3 towels on the loom.  I will have just enough warp left to make a dish cloth or two and a sample.  One of my friends (who shall remain nameless - you know who you are) told me to start a binder with samples and information of the pieces I do.  That is such a good idea,  so along with my blogging I will have an actual sample of the project that was done.

Lot's of weaving.

They are almost ready to come off the loom.  A couple more passes with the shuttle and this project will be done.

Beautiful Results ~

More progress and beautiful results at that.  The variegated yarn is making a beautiful pattern of stripes, much to my surprise. 

Just starting to see how it will look.

Wider than I thought it would be.

Enough for tonight....back at it tomorrow :-)