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End of Year Fiesta ~~

Time again for some more Fiesta towels.   They were such fun to weave before, so I thought I would whip some up again.  Enough warp for 8 towels.  Should be on the loom by tomorrow, to start the mad weaving frenzy!

Rambler Rose Towels ~

These towels were a lesson in sett for me.  I typically don't pay attention to sett, I just weave what looks good.  The towels turned out beautiful and are ready for use.  A total of 6 towels were completed, but I gave away the navy blue and light blue as a gift before I remembered to take a picture.  Sad  :-(

For a challenge, I decided to do a Natural weft on a Natural warp. How crazy is that?  In order to keep track of things, I needed to put in the contrast thread and count my repeats and mark them.  Life has lots of distractions, so this is my way of keeping the pattern on task.

One more towel to go for this warp.

More Colors For Towels....

Navy blue is the next color choice. It is really bold and pops beautifully against the Natural warp.

Choosing the best colors for this has been a challenge.  Can't wait to see what color I come up with next.  Stay tuned!

Finally Started ~

Finally, the towels are started.  This will keep me occupied for the next few nights. There should be enough here for 6, plus a sample. Each towel will be a different color. 

Threads !

Looks like I will be busy for a while.  These will eventually be towels, but there are alot of threads...more than I care to count, again.

So, my reward to myself for getting all of these on the loom.....LUNATIC FRINGE retail therapy.  What did I get???  Yarn and more yarn!  One can never have enough yarn. Just a hint, there is a color gamp in my future.