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Summer Over - Weaving Again

This summer for some reason has been exceptionally busy.  Not sure why, life just gets in the way sometimes.  Hopefully things will start slowing down and I can get back to doing what I love....weaving and seeing what catches my eye to make.  Lots of ideas and NEVER enough time.

These are the latest colors I am working with.  16/2 Linen.  I have high hopes for this project in a shadow weave.  

The progress has been slow.   I was able to get some weaving done last weekend.  So far this variation of Shadow Weave is turning out nice and very bright.   The linen is a crisp fiber and it is turning out beautiful.  Hopefully, when it is all said and done it will be a table runner.

The final product.  It was a slow weave, but I learned a lot. 

Shadow Weave - new structure for me

After admiring many scarves over the last couple of years, I have finally decided to take the plunge and play with the Shadow Weave structure.   This is my attempt.  Just sampling and trying to get the sett right.  Pattern is from Jan/Feb Handwoven 2012.  

In another color combo and I like it too...

The finished product !!  

Black Sheep Gathering Trip

This weekend we are headed down to one of the biggest fiber festivals in Oregon. Good way to spend a Saturday, rain or shine.

I won't come home empty handed.   My friend who is a avid weaver, spinner and dyer will make sure of that.  

Look what followed me home....  Color and lots of it!  Mostly Merino and Silk with some Alpaca thrown in.  Time to weave some scarves.

Scottish Tartan Class -

Spring Break To Me ~~  take a weaving class!

Scottish Tartans are a beautiful example of color and weave.  Also, it teaches you how to be precise in your sett and your epi.   This is my sample scarf and now that this is done, I can work on the "real" scarf.  Hopefully I have learned from my mistakes and the next one will be perfect.  (one can always hope)  

For an extra challenge, I decided to learn this new technique on my "new to me" Glimakra loom. Having never woven on a Countermarche loom before, it added to the learning curve.

Warp threads - lots of color!

Sample - close up on the loom

Winter Weaving Hideout

This is where I spend my time in the winter.  My little loom room (once an office) is a perfect place to stay warm and busy weaving.  It is not a big place, but enough room for my Mighty Wolf, winding/warping station, stash cubbies and a computer desk.  It is right next to the propane stove, so things can get quite toasty in here.  

This loom is a close as I will get to a computer loom for a while, hence the Apple logo on it. It looks like my stash cubbies need some more yarn to fill them up.  That will be fun gathering more yarn.

During the summer, I have another weaving "studio" room which has more yarn stashed and a couple of more looms.  Both rooms have plenty of space for my "loom dogs" who keep me company while weaving.  They love being next to me no matter what I am doing.  Sydney, Jack Dog and Rocky.....crazy, happy dogs!  I call them The 3 Amigos :-)

New Loom To Me ~

As I weave along in life, sometimes you run across a find that is too good to pass up.   Such was the case last weekend and now I am in possession of a Glimakra weaving loom.  This loom was made in 1972 and has only had one owner.  I am now the 2nd owner and a VERY proud one.   Despite that the size of this loom 53" weaving width is daunting, moving it wasn't as daunting.   These looms are held together with wood pegs and a few long bolts.  When it is unassembled, it is a pile of lumber literally.

I spent my time at the weaving studio assembling it.  One of my fellow weavers in our studio also has one, so she was a wonderful help and a wealth of knowledge.  She was a life saver.  The cotton tie ups for the lamms and the harnesses are all going to be replaced with Texslov.  This will make it easier to change settings and also help the loom to last another 30 years.

More pictures to come as things progress.............

Finally.....Some Weaving !!

I actually got some weaving done today !

These are a classified as a Canvas weave, but look more like a Basket Weave to me.  They are place mats that are made with carpet warp for both warp & weft.  Also, new to me is using a double bobbin shuttle.  It really goes fast!    It is nice to weave and not have to think about it too much for a change.

There is enough warp on for about 4 - 6 place mats.  I am very curious how they will look after they are washed.   The hem is already done with twining at each end, so there won' t be much left to do after I cut them off the loom, but finish the fringe.

They are complete and turned out nice.  Great for everyday place mats that are very thick and just plain cotton. 

A closer look.....

Class Time - Jason Collingwood Rugs

This weekend I traveled across the state to a special class in Eugene, Oregon at the Eugene Textile Center.  It was worth it, and then some.

Jason Collingwood taught a class on 4-end Block Weave with Summer & Winter.

WOW, what a class.  Needless to say sitting for 3 days is something that would challenge anyone, but also taxing your brain cells was also something that was in store for us.  We had a group of about 15 weavers anxious to learn all we could from him.   He is a wonderful teacher, who is very visual, methodical and VERY patient. 

We all came away with a sample rug with all types of different patterns.  This is my attempt.....  I learned alot and am ready to sign up for his Twill Rug class next year.   I would recommend if you ever have an interest in learning block weaves and rugs, you should take a class from him.

Tencel - Hand Painted Scarf

This was my first experience weaving with Tencel.  It is wonderful to weave, though a bit slippery.  After it is wet finished, it is so soft and drapes exceptionally well.  This was a hand painted yarn and the pattern was an undulating twill.  Not quite sure how the plaid happened, but that was a bonus!!