Finally.....Some Weaving !!

I actually got some weaving done today !

These are a classified as a Canvas weave, but look more like a Basket Weave to me.  They are place mats that are made with carpet warp for both warp & weft.  Also, new to me is using a double bobbin shuttle.  It really goes fast!    It is nice to weave and not have to think about it too much for a change.

There is enough warp on for about 4 - 6 place mats.  I am very curious how they will look after they are washed.   The hem is already done with twining at each end, so there won' t be much left to do after I cut them off the loom, but finish the fringe.

They are complete and turned out nice.  Great for everyday place mats that are very thick and just plain cotton. 

A closer look.....


  1. Beautiful job.
    You said the hem is done with twining? have not heard of that.

  2. The "twining" is a technique I learned from Jason Collingwood who weaves rugs...very nice rugs. But it is to hold the weft in place firmly while on the loom and while finishing it with a fringe. You could also do a traditional hem stitch on the loom. Since I just took Jason's class, I thought I might try twining on something other than a rug. So far I like it and it keeps the weft in place.


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