Class Time - Jason Collingwood Rugs

This weekend I traveled across the state to a special class in Eugene, Oregon at the Eugene Textile Center.  It was worth it, and then some.

Jason Collingwood taught a class on 4-end Block Weave with Summer & Winter.

WOW, what a class.  Needless to say sitting for 3 days is something that would challenge anyone, but also taxing your brain cells was also something that was in store for us.  We had a group of about 15 weavers anxious to learn all we could from him.   He is a wonderful teacher, who is very visual, methodical and VERY patient. 

We all came away with a sample rug with all types of different patterns.  This is my attempt.....  I learned alot and am ready to sign up for his Twill Rug class next year.   I would recommend if you ever have an interest in learning block weaves and rugs, you should take a class from him.

Front of Sample

Various Patterns

Back of Sample


  1. How exciting! I'd love to take a class with him!

  2. Love the pattern! I would love to take a class with him. What sett did you use and what warp?

  3. Warp was Linen in 8/5 with sett at 5 epi. The weft was Harrisville Highland Wool. This was just a sample of patterns, but really helped with getting concept of a 4 end block weave and the pattern possibilities.


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