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Blue Ribbon Surprise !

My lesson in color taught me another lesson...mistakes can sometimes be a good thing.  The yellow that I chose to make the second set of star towels at first didn't look like it was going to be the right color for this project.  As it turns out the yellow was perfect !  The towels together make for a cheerful display in the kitchen.

Summer is a time for county fairs and to support our local textile display I was convinced by a wonderful, very experienced young (92 years) weaver to enter a couple weaving projects.  So I did.  Little did I know that it would garner me my first blue ribbon ever!     Needless to say I was shocked and it took a little convincing that it really happened.  I have only been at this about a year and a couple months, so there is a lot I have to learn.  This lesson in color that I thought was a failure turned out to be a wonderful success not only in my kitchen but the judge thought so too!  Yippee !

My list keep growing of projects that catch my eye.  Curr…

Lesson in Color ~

OK, so the learning curve is starting to show.  I have a lot to learn about color.  Earlier I had made some blue "star towels".  They turned out very nice and I thought that some yellow towels would be fun to go with them.  I am not as impressed but will keep them going.  The yellow and white bleed into each other so the stars are not as prominent.  Still they must be finished and a color lesson learned.

Home Improvement Interruption !

One more interruption, but a good one.  The kitchen has a new floor with some furry yellow decorations.  It used to be a linoleum that was a dark green tile look and was looking dated.  This new dark distressed walnut look is a lot better.

Flowers from my dear friends Margaret & Tom, complete the fresh look for the dining area.

The new doggie treat jar fits in just perfectly.  This was a "covert" gift from my artist friends who planned, sneaked and made the treat jar to match the kitchen.  Good job girls !!
The yellow furry decorations are already testing out the new floor - 

Now back to the loom !!!