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More Color !

Towel #3 is a Cinnamon brown.  Didn't think I would like it, but the more I weave I do.  For the color palette that I have chosen, it fits in nicely.

Up close and personal....

Color Change

One towel down, 5 to go.  The first towel done in a Mediterranean blue was a better color as a towel, then on the spool.  So, on to the next color Lime green.  So far it doesn't strike me a much as the blue, but I will continue with it.  Color variety is part of this project.

Simple Towels - Gorgeous!

Finally, I have gotten another project going.  They are cotton 8/2 towels from an old pattern from the 1940"s.  It is simple in the treadling, but the pattern is very eye catching and is all in accurate threading of the heddles.

Below is the mess that it takes to get it started....warp, warp and more warp.

8 yards of white 8/2 unmercerized cotton for the warp, then the weft will be a variety of colors that I have on hand and think would look good with this pattern.

Then after all the setup the towel starts to take shape and color.  :-)

Close up....

Now, there are 6 of these to make (if I measured right) so I better get busy.  Stay tuned.