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Final Product -

Here is the result of the 6 towels that I had alot of fun making.  The pattern turned out beautiful, and yet was so simple to weave.

Color Palette 

Another view

Now on to another project, but the next set of towels will be the same pattern but a new palette.  Here is a start of the colors.

Spring is here today, so not much weaving will get done.  My flower beds are calling me.

Last Towel ~ With a Little Help

The last towel is in process.  It is called "Tobacco Brown" but when you put it with the white warp it looks more of a gold color.  I think I will have enough to do the full 40" for the towel and if not it will be a slightly smaller towel.  The lighting is a bit off on this one.

My little helper ~  

More of a true color....

Now on to the finish !!

Basic Black ~

The last an final towel is just "Basic Black".  Thought it would still fit in with the other colors, because black goes with everything.  Loving the results of just black and white!!

It can be a bit dizzy !

Mellow Yellow ~

Towel #4 is what I call, Mellow Yellow.  The name of the color is really Spectra Yellow.  It is a hard pattern to see, since the yellow pretty much blends in with the white.

Closer ?

Think the next color I will do will be black.  Easy,  but would show pattern definition better than the yellow.