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Not Too Crazy This Time ~

My latest weaving adventure has not been very successful.  I was trying some waffle weave towels (love the waffle weave results) but the colors just are not grabbing me like other projects.  But determined to continue on and not waste the warp, they are almost done.  I am not a fan of pastel and trying to liven it up a bit with yellow and white stripes with the variegated pastels is not working for me.  Maybe they will look better off the loom.  Let's hope so.

The towels are finally done, but not what I expected.  The colors really changed when I washed them and they got really soft.  Still the overall look does not impress me.  But they are still good dish towels.

Rugs ~

Another distraction, but a good one.  I was all set to do some Doubleweave and these selvages just jumped onto my loom.  They are Pendleton Wool selvages and they make wonderful rugs. This was my first project ever doing rugs and I had fun.  It was nice to not have to concentrate to hard on the treadling and on top of that it went quick.

The southwestern colors make for a beautiful rug.

Here is the hem, plain weave turned under.

This view gives it some dimension.

On to the next bunch,  this is fun !!!