New Loom To Me ~

As I weave along in life, sometimes you run across a find that is too good to pass up.   Such was the case last weekend and now I am in possession of a Glimakra weaving loom.  This loom was made in 1972 and has only had one owner.  I am now the 2nd owner and a VERY proud one.   Despite that the size of this loom 53" weaving width is daunting, moving it wasn't as daunting.   These looms are held together with wood pegs and a few long bolts.  When it is unassembled, it is a pile of lumber literally.

I spent my time at the weaving studio assembling it.  One of my fellow weavers in our studio also has one, so she was a wonderful help and a wealth of knowledge.  She was a life saver.  The cotton tie ups for the lamms and the harnesses are all going to be replaced with Texslov.  This will make it easier to change settings and also help the loom to last another 30 years.

More pictures to come as things progress.............


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