Rambler Rose Towels ~

These towels were a lesson in sett for me.  I typically don't pay attention to sett, I just weave what looks good.  The towels turned out beautiful and are ready for use.  A total of 6 towels were completed, but I gave away the navy blue and light blue as a gift before I remembered to take a picture.  Sad  :-(

For a challenge, I decided to do a Natural weft on a Natural warp. How crazy is that?  In order to keep track of things, I needed to put in the contrast thread and count my repeats and mark them.  Life has lots of distractions, so this is my way of keeping the pattern on task.

One more towel to go for this warp.


  1. Just do whatever works for you! I love the tone on tone look!

  2. Oh, that's a great idea! I just finished a natural on white overshot, and that would have been helpful. Next time!

  3. A very smart idea. Beautiful towels.

  4. I learn something every day! Thanks!


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