Four legged friends ~

Last fall on my way to work, this handsome guy took his time walking across the road.  He was beautiful and since he lives here is very used to making himself at home.

My small farm is just enough to keep be busy all the time.  The nice thing is that I have company with me all the time if outside working on things.   The Alpacas are settled in well.  Yahtzee (llama) the patriarch of the farm has accepted them into his life.  At 20 years old, that can be a great accomplishment.

This winter has been brutal across the United States and even colder here than normal.  We have extreme summers and winters here in The Dalles, Oregon, but this year really cold and lots of snow. I  Love the snow and so do the animals.



Watching the deer across the field.

Rocky & Sydney - "The Boys"

Lucy the Lamb - coming soon


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