Bamboo ?!?

Final Result...

This one is a hard one to display, so it looks good.  It is very soft and drapes very well.  Bamboo was a very good fiber for this summer scarf.

My latest endeavor is a lace weave scarf that is made from Bamboo.  This is a wonderful, soft and easy to work with yarn.  I have put enough warp on for two scarfs and hope that they are good enough to give one away as a gift.

So, I am off to a good start !


  1. The pattern on the scarf looks just lovely. I can't wait to see your finished scarves.

  2. I am working on the fringe (my first twisted fringe) and hopefully can post pictures later this weekend. Thanks for your me encouragement!

  3. Hi Lynnette,

    The scarf is actually a Handwoven article that I modified from a shawl to a narrower scarf.

    Handwoven, Sept/Oct 2009, pg. 48-49

    Bamboo was awesome to work with, strong but soft. :-)


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