Change of Pace ~

One more view, just for fun !

Adding shade cloth over the top will keep things cool.

Now that it is stained and sealed....ready for some mornings with my coffee.

Weekend project - not weaving for once !

Season for the next couple of weeks, then can stain and seal.

The Wisteria will have a new home to climb !!


  1. What a beautiful retreat! This will be a lovely spot to enjoy your morning coffee or read a good book.

  2. It's beautiful! I want one!!! BTW, your towels are fabulous. Can you share the draft? They remind me of the Friendship Towels out of one of the Interweave Press collections (kitchen towels most likely).
    Finally, some sunshine in Oregon. :)

  3. Hi Teresa,
    The towels are from Handwoven. I just used different colors than traditional blue.

    Originally published in Handwoven®, Summer 1985: pp. 84-85

    Hope this helps :-)


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