It's Been A While - :-(

Time has just flown by for the month of September.  October is half over and I am just getting comfortable with dressing my new loom.  September was a time for vacation (away from computers, cell phones and anything associated with technology).  Then when I came back, I got the flu.  2 weeks of misery to say the least.  Now I am back full force and ready to weave.

My first project just got sleyed (if there is such a word).  Just got done checking the thread count and number of threads per dent (2).  I am just trying a sampler kitchen towel project.  Hope to make 3 towels.  So far the pattern says 14" wide in the reed and I have 14 inches !!! 

The secret for me is music (ipod).  I have always enjoyed music and would prefer it over TV anytime.  Also, having the TV on in the background makes me lose count.  I have not been a math fanatic so I need all the help I can get.  The music is perfect for warping on the warping get a rythum going and time goes by so fast.  The same goes for sleying the reed. 

Lease sticks are also a life saver !  I have tried to dress the a loom in the past without lease sticks and had mess that eventually got cut off the loom.  Well, it never really got on the loom. 

Tonight, I spent my time double checking my threads so I can move on to the heddles tomorrow night.  By sticking with it every night and reading all I can get my hands on I am retaining alot more and things are getting easier.  I am sure I will have stumbling blocks along the way but I love a good challenge.

My goal is to have the loom completely dressed by the weekend so I can start the actual weaving process.  Then there will be another set of things to learn.  Hopefully they will look like towels in the process.

Enough for tonight....tired and works starts early. 


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