Color !!

Finally, after much anticipation about getting the loom dressed as best I could it is time for some color !

I am starting with a sampler towel kit with a 5/2 Pearl cotton.  The warp is a Natural 5/2 Pearl and the weft is a variety of colors, all in 5/2 Pearl.  I started with a normal knitters yarn to get the header (if that is what you call it) started for about 1 1/2 inches.  Just to get a firm straight line.  Wow, that worked great.  There is a huge difference in the Mighty Wolf loom and the small table loom when it comes to the way it weaves.    

So, after weaving a couple of hours last night I was able to get almost 3/4 of a towel done!  I expect to finish it this morning and then on to the next one.  There are three in the sampler kit.  After finishing the towels, I will have to stitch them and wash them up.  I am intensly curious how they will look after they are washed and pressed. 

The colors that I will be using are a Deep Lilac, then Kelly Green and finally Malay Purple, which looks more like a blue.  The band color is natural. 
Concerned about tension and learning how to use the brake in conjunction with moving the warp forward was a small challenge, but I got the hang of it.  Not having used a foot brake system before on a loom, that idea was new to me.  It worked and my towel is nice and tight. 

Taking pictures is going to be a good way to look back at my progress.  Also, it will help me to see my weaving improvements the more projects I get done.  My camera is not a high end fancy camera, but I did find a "flower" icon on it.  This will allow for some closeups so pattern definition can be seen. 


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