Plenty of Yarn

Well today I was anxious because I knew my yarn was supposed to be delivered. It was there on the front porch when I got home. I had ordered about 15 cones of various colors of 8/2 unmercerized cotton. My thinking behind getting lots of colors is that I should never not have a color combination to choose from. Since I am a beginner weaver this is a good yarn to work with and inexpensive compared to others. After I am able to master the basics with the 8/2 cotton then I would move onto other types of yarn and some of the fancier fiber to make special things.

I don't want to spend too much time blogging tonight because I have to pick out a pattern/sampler to get measured out on the warping board. If I can get that done tonight then I will be fresh in the morning to start dressing the loom.

So not much more for now other than my yarn shelf looks like spring flowers with all the colors mixed together.

Off to the warping board !


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