Getting Educated

Over the last couple of days I have been reviewing my DVD's and trying to wrap my head around the concept of warping correctly and dressing a loom. What I am learning is that there are alot of different ways that weavers do things to reach the same goal. I just need to find what works for me and I am sure as I progress I will discover new ways of doing things. Tonight I will spend a little more time reviewing some Deborah Chandler books I have and take some notes to try to get started this weekend if at all possible. I am so anxious to get started but don't want to run into a rat's nest for my warp like before. Trying to cover all my bases.

Also, this weekend I went to an Art Festival and ran into a fellow weaver that had a booth with handwovens for sale. She specializes in towels, scarfs and other items. She has been weaving for 30 years and her work is beautiful. I was able to visit with her and it was wonderful. I purchased a couple of her towels for more inspiration and something I can look at every day to guide me.


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