Waffle Weave Towel Project

Starting another project to learn the waffle weave pattern.  At the studio, I have been assigned to a wonderful teacher that I call the "Obi One Kanobi" of weaving.  She is a complex accomplished weaver, so needless to say my brain
is working overtime to keep up.  My project at the studio is waffle weave kitchen towels.  I am duplicating this home so I can practice what I learn on the same exact project.  Might end up with alot of towels, but they can always be used :-).

The colors for this project at home are an 8/2 Eggplant warp (not brave enough to bring more than one color for the warp yet).  Then am using a variegated 8/2 Mixed Berry for the weft.  So here it goes.....

Warping back to front with the raddle...mysterious device but sure organizes things well.

It spreads the threads out to start tensioning nice.  This is a very easy was to get your warp on the loom without alot of effort.

From the inside of the loom it starts to get busy again and in clumps but the next step is combing and tensioning each section out to start beaming (winding the warp on the back beam).


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