Beauty - To Each Their Own

My new Mighty Wolf loom is beautiful!  It is the natural maple wood and it sits so proud in my office that is day by day becoming my "loom room". 

I was able to get my smaller loom to the weaving studio last week and get setup to start my Friday sessions. Excitement is a good way to term this adventure.  I can't wait to be able to produce quailty weaving projects, along with explore the different possibilites that weaving can bring into my life. 

I haven't gotten too far on the setup of the loom, just because life gets in the way.  The strollers are on so what is left is floor work with the tie ups.  Then the heddles which I already think I will need to order some more.  The loom came with 1000 heddles but with 8 shafts that is only 125 per shaft.  We will see. 

Another yarn order came today.  I splurged and ordered a scarf kit with Alpaca fiber that is dyed in beautiful blues and purples for the weft and then black silk to use for the warp.  I am saving that for when I get good enough to produce something that would look like a scarf when I get done. 

Winter is coming and not soon enough for me.....spending time inside with my loom and learning as much as I can appeals to me very much!

Well, enough for another night.  Until next time.


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