Back on Track....

It has been a while since the last blog entry, but I am back on track again. My life this last few weeks has been devoted to finishing a major house project and a bathroom renovation. They are done and now to more important news.

The last post was about getting my new spools of yarn. Well, since then I have ordered even more yarn but the BIGGER news is that I purchased a Mighty Wolf loom (new) and it came this week !!! It is beautiful! This will allow me to take my Leclerc table loom (with treadles) down to the studio and get busy with learning how to weave from the professionals. The Mighty Wolf will be my home loom with full intention of becoming a professional myself someday.

The loom came mostly assembled but I have a few things to still attach to it. At the recommendation of my girlfriend who has a Baby Wolf, I bought the stroller kit so that needs installed along with the tie ups for the treadles and also the heddles. There are 1000 heddles, WOW!!! Also, bought a Wolf Trap which will be handy too.

I have discovered that I will need another weaving bench to put at the studio. Currently hauling one back and forth until I decide I want to fork out another couple hundred for another bench. They aren't cheap but they are nice and comfortable. Speaking of comfortable, I want to make a bench mat for my current bench and hope to be able to do that before the year is up. I don't have the right type of yarn for it but I will gather more things over the next few months.

My concern now is finish setting up my new loom, taking my other one to the studio and getting on with my weaving classes. There is a teacher assigned to work with me and that will start in October. Now better get back to setting up the loom and planning my first project on it.


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