Let's Have A Fiesta ~

My latest project reminds me of summer.  The colors are bright and cheerful.  These will become kitchen towels and are actually called "Fiesta Towels".  8/2 cotton and lots of it.  This pattern is from Handwoven, Jan/Feb 2006.

This is the first time I have used my new Schacht - end delivery shuttle and it is wonderful!  What a difference it makes when it comes to VERY even selvedges.  Well, better get back at it.  There are 6 towels to do with a different pattern on each towel.

Below are some of the patterns, which actually were very fun to do!  

Dizzy Yet ?


  1. It looks wonderful! Those certainly are Fiesta like. Love them!

  2. You're right! Those colors are a fiesta! I think you'll enjoy using them (or they will make super gifts!)

  3. Beautiful work!!! Love the colors


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