WOW! ...... Alpaca WOW !!!

This is my best yet.  This is made of Alpaca rug yarn that I picked up at local fiber festival this fall.  I fell in love with the rugs that were on display, but wanted to make my own.  They sold just the Alpaca yarn for those of us who wanted to make our own.  This was worth it !!

The size is 24" x 48".   It is super soft and very thick.  Perfect to warm the toes in the winter.


  1. Just lovely, I can almost feel it under my feet...almost! :) What did you use for warp? Rug warp or alpaca?

  2. The warp is plain 8/4 carpet warp (cotton) from Great Northern Weaving. Guaranteed it feels warm and fuzzy under my feet. Perfect for this winter.


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